Internship Portfolio

Intego Sports Graphic Design Internship, Summer 2020

I joined the Intego Sports team as a graphic designer from June 2020 - Sept 2020, during which time I worked closely with the CEO and COO to envision a fresh, dynamic, and visually inspiring logo for their startup. After creating several design iterations, undergoing a rigorous process of customer development, and then reaching a final consensus among the board members, I produced the official design below that is now displayed at


Once the logo design was confirmed, the board challenged me to come up with three original cleat mock-ups to be used for promotional purposes and future manufacturing.


Inspired by mythology and its power as a storytelling medium, I decided to give each cleat its own unique mythic backstory using a variety of symbols, colors, shapes, arrangements, and proportions.

I painted "Trinity" and "Celestial" using Corel Painter Essentials 7, and designed "Icarus" in Adobe Illustrator.

Trinity Cleat Solo PNG (1).png
Celestial Cleat Solo PNG final.png



Icarus cleat design.png


To wrap up my internship experience, I created a short documentary featuring my graphic design work and Intego Sports' progress as a whole in 2020. 

Screen Shot 2021-03-19 at 12.46.26

Youbloom Graphic Design Internship, Spring 2020

From March 2020 - June 2020 I interned as a graphic designer for the music and event production company Youbloom. During my time with the Youbloom team I created memes and "Artist of the Week" posts for the company's social media page. The following AOTW graphics were the top three best designs I made during the span of the internship. With these particular posts, I aimed to create a visually unique, engaging, and once again mythological atmosphere to bolster the artist being featured. In doing so, I believe I painted each artist/group in a positive light while simultaneously enhancing Youbloom's own brand image as an exciting, up and coming promoter of independent musicians worldwide.


Youbloom doesn't currently have a mascot or company avatar, such as the Honey Nut Cheerios bee or the Geico gecko. I took the idea of Youbloom as being this kind of liaison of independent artists looking to get connected, and imagined the mascot as being a cross-pollinating hummingbird who flies from artist to artist serving as a kind of enriching, uniting force. Although my internship ended before I could fully explore this concept, I think I provided the marketing team with some valuable ideas for future graphic design initiatives and pr campaigns. 

dt slo png.png

Downtown SLO Association Marketing Internship, Spring 2019

From June 2019 - Sept 2019 I worked as a marketing intern for the Downtown SLO Association. My main duties involved management of the Thursday Night Farmers Market and the Concerts In the Plaza series. I also worked closely with the marketing manager to design newsletter graphics, downtown business reports, and special Halloween promo designs. This was my first opportunity to apply my storytelling and graphic design skills towards a professional cause and I believe I finished the internship as a stronger, more confident designer.